How Can I Use the NCTA Professional Standards and Guidelines to Improve My Test Center?

Recorded On: 02/22/2011

This webinar is being sponsored by the Professional Development Committee so that members can learn more about the NCTA Professional Standards and Guidelines that define best practices in test centers. Vicki Black and Gayle Veltman will share how the Standards can be used to develop test center processes and procedures, or to evaluate what test centers already have in place. The presenters welcome questions about using the Standards and will be prepared to discuss the NCTA Test Center Certification process that is being developed for test centers.

Gayle Veltman

Coordinator of Testing

Gayle Veltman is Coordinator of Testing at Wichita State University and has been in the testing field for 30 years. She is a past president of MPACT and NCTA, served on the committee that originally wrote the Standards and Guidelines, and was Chair of the NCTA Standards Committee for 3 years. She and Vicki Black are currently on the NCTA Test Center Certification Committee which is finishing the last year of a 4-year project to develop a voluntary certification process for test centers with NCTA members.

Vicki Black

Manager of the Testing Center

Vicki Black is the Manager of the Testing Center at the University of Memphis, with 22 years of service at the University. She is on the Governing Board of the National College Testing Association and has worked with the Test Center Certification Committee, since the committee was formally created.

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